Release from a hospital may mark just your first step down a long road if you suffer a chronic medical condition. Your life has changed, and medical supplies ranging from wheelchairs to walkers, shower benches to diabetic shoes, may be required to move forward. Choosing the correct items for your specific needs is imperative: these decisions will greatly affect your quality of life! We Understand Your Needs!
Unfortunately, you might find some medical supply providers less than understanding of your unique condition. The provider may thoroughly understand the paperwork, and even know how to charge an insurance company for the most expensive items available, but you wonder if these are the right items for you. You leave the office uncertain whether the provider truly understands your problems, your needs, and all the questions you have.
You should not feel alone!
Many patients experience these same uncertainties. In fact, some medical supply providers are business people first, without the medical background or patient care experience needed to fully appreciate your unique medical condition. If questions fall upon deaf ears, it may be that your provider does not have the healthcare experience required to fully understand your issues. As a patient, you need a qualified medical professional who takes the time to identify your specific medical needs, and who will provide you with precisely the therapeutic supplies you require.
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